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Who We Are

MotherToBaby is a teratogen information service and the New York State MotherToBaby affiliate. We are a free telephone information service.

What We Do

We provide information about the possible effects of medications and other things someone can come into contact with, or be exposed to, that might affect pregnancy or breastfeeding.

  • Our specialists have access to medical literature, databases and the most recent studies.
  • We have the training to help sort through what information out there is most meaningful to you and your situation.

We provide information to the general public and to healthcare professionals mainly throughout New York State.

When you call us

When you call us you’ll be asked questions that help our specialists provide you detailed information related to your specific situation. These questions include:

  • The name and amount of the medication, substance, or agent you are asking about.
  • The date(s) of the exposure
  • If pregnant – how far along you are in pregnancy
  • If nursing – the age of your baby

We may be able to answer your question during your call, or a specialist may need to review the most-up-to-date information and call you back.

Your call is completely confidential and the information we provide is respectful and non-judgmental.

You have been so helpful!!! Thanks for all of these details. I appreciate it! – Candice from NY

This was SO helpful, thank you! – Ashley from Plattsburgh, NY

It’s a great resource, wish I had found you sooner! Amy From Rome, NY

Mother To Baby

MotherToBaby is the program of OTIS, the Organization of Teratology Information Specialists, that serves the public and health care professionals. OTIS is a professional society made up of experts including researchers who conduct pregnancy and lactation studies, doctors, genetic counselors, pharmacists, and other specialists committed to understanding and communicating the effects of exposures on pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are MotherToBaby services throughout North America and Canada. OTIS is an organization with members from all over the world.

MotherToBaby has an online library of fact sheets about dozens of common agents including medications, substances of abuse, vaccines and viruses, and many exposures that are frequently asked about.

Fact Sheets

MotherToBaby conducts studies looking at the effects of medications and the effects some health conditions can have on pregnancy.

Pregnancy Studies

Healthcare Providers

MotherToBaby New York supports healthcare providers in addition to providing information to the public.

Providers can:

  • Call us for information that may not be accessible through their institution’s resources
  • Encourage patients to call us directly for evidence-based information about pregnancy and breastfeeding exposures
  • Schedule an in-service to help with responding to patient questions about reproductive exposures, assessing risks from exposures in pregnancy, or preconception teratogen counseling
  • Request free rack cards
  • Refer pregnant patients to a MotherToBaby Study